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Lynn Gifford
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Faux_Pseudo wrote in message news:[email protected]
At the San Diego Brewing company they have a Beer Cheese Jalapeno soup
that is very tasty. It is spicy and very thick. I scaned through a
few recipies on line and couldn't find one that seemed close to it.

Most of them had some variation on the following:
6 cups beer (one said flat beer)
2 cups chedder (one said synth-cheese aka velveta which I loath)
2 cups onion
1 cup celery
1 cup jalopeno

One of them mentioned sour cream which feels like a step in the right
The type I am looking for has no noticable amount of onionn or celery
in it.

Because Pseudo_Wife isn't big on onion and I figured half a batch
should work I used the following:
3 cups beer
1 1/2 cups chedder
1/2 cup onion
2/3 cup celery
1/2 cup jalopeno

I started by cooking down the onions and celery in a pot. This was to
help get them softer since I don't like big chunks of celery and as
mentioned Pseudo_Wife does not like onion.

After it started to carmalize I added the bear and let it simmer for
about 15 minutes before adding the cheese and jalapenos. From there I
incrased the heat and started to stir it a lot. It was comming out
far too thin and the cheese wasn't creaming like it should have so I
added a table spoon of flower to help thicken it a bit.

Still not happy with the way it was turning out I put in about half a
cup of sour cream and threw in two pieces of toast.

While it tasted good it was not what I was aiming for in the flavor or
thickness catagory.

Does anyone have any tried and true recipies that are thick, creamy
and loaded with spice?

Aside from your spelling-which is atrohshus -
Cheddar doesnt work well for me in beer cheese soup because it gets
too rubbery. Don't laugh (well, laugh if you like but don't flame me,
please) Cheese Whiz works well. If that seems like an anathma to you
Kraft packages a cheese called Four Cheese melt - or something like
that. There's Cheddar in it & Monterey Jack & . . . It melts very
smoothly and has a good flavor. I have NEVER seen sour cream in Beer
Cheese soup! If you dredge the shredded cheese in a couple of
tablespoons of flour, it will thicken the soup nicely. Don't add the
cheese all at once. Add it by hands full and it will not lump.
OR, if you're in a real hurry and not a purist do this:

"Greater than the Sum of It's Parts" Soup
One can cream of chicken soup
One (soup) can beer or milk
One can chunk chicken breast
One cup (or more) any soft yellow cheese (that Vel word)
One can chopped green chilis (use part jalapenos if you like)

Heat soup & milk/beer till almost boiling. Reduce heat. Add cheese and
stir till smooth. Stir in chicken & chilis. Nice served with a
sprinkle of chopped scallions.
Lynn from Fargo