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Karen O'Mara
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Nancy Howells > wrote in message >...
> Depends on who I'm having, but some of the favorites a
> Curried scallops, rice for those who eat it, and "riced cauliflower" for
> those who don't do starches. I'll change sides with this - depends on
> what sounds good. Sides, actually are pretty interchangeable, and
> depend on what the people really like, or what the occasion is.
> Wurst in sauerkraut and caraway seeds, with pumpernickle bread, and sour
> pickles.
> Roast pork loin stuffed with basil and sun-dried tomatoes, sides of kale
> sauteed in garlic and a green salad
> Chicken/dressing casserole and a green salad.

Can I find the curried scallops, riced cauliflower and
chicken/dressing casserole via google? Have you posted these recipes?

I bought some scallops yesterday and would like to cook them tonight.