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Default On how grocery stores are doing, in the U.S.

On Tue, 21 Apr 2020 09:08:57 -0400, songbird >

>Gary wrote:
>> Even though restaurants are closed to dining in, many people
>> continue to order take out food. Sure, it's nice to try
>> to keep them going but at the same time, WHO knows the
>> health conditions of the workers inside making that food.
>> Many workers will come to work sick just to not lose a day's pay.

That's true of restaurants before the virus.
>> I'll continue to cook at home even though a McDonald's
>> cheeseburger is sounding pretty tasty right now. heh

> the burgers i make at home are much better. why
>wouldn't you make a burger for yourself?
> i can't remember the last time i had a McD's
>cheeseburger, but it was some years ago. in
>between then and now i've had a few burgers from
>other places but can pass on all but a few of them
>as places i'd rather go. there is a semi-local bar
>that does a good job so we get one from them once
>in a while.
> simple ingredients and simple methods.
> i like ground chuck for burgers. make a pretty
>big patty (8-12oz) about an inch thick. warm up
>the cast iron pan, put a bit of butter on it as it
>is warming. i use one notch below medium on my
>stove and the large burner.
> sprinkle some garlic salt on one side and put it
>on the pan to fry. when it starts sputtering i put
>the garlic salt on the other side and turn it over.
> depending upon the quality of the butcher i adjust
>how done i want it. if i've had a good history with
>them before i can let it cook until most of the pink
>is gone inside and it is still juicy. i put the
>cheese on to melt the last minute and turn off the
> since i don't eat beef that often i enjoy this
>eaten just as it is without condiments. cheese,
>garlic salt and beef. about every month or two
>is enough to fit my cravings.
> songbird

I always make my own burgers from meat I grind myself, I never buy
preground mystery meat. I admit to trying a burger at the golden
arches one time and couldn't eat more than two bites... that was in CA
when it cost 19, 1962.