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Default Where have all the flours gone?

On 2020-04-10 9:51 a.m., gtwrek wrote:
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bob prohaska wrote:
It seems flour, especially bread flour but also everything else,
has gotten extremely scarce in the last few weeks. I can't even
find it on-line.

My needs aren't urgent, but when the stock gets below a couple
5-lb bags I start looking to replenish. Not possible right now.

Anybody got a hint what's going on? I can't believe all that many
folks are actually making their own bread.....

Yes, folks are simply baking more. Bread is one of those comfort
foods that almost all enjoy. And now where picking up fresh
loaves multiple times a week at the market, well it's just not
the best idea.

My college kids are home. Taking classes online. And when they're
bored, it appears, they like to cook and bake. I've not made dinner
in weeks! (On to dishes duty for me - that's ok!). My son has
baked breakfast sausage loafs 2-3 times in the last month. His
last loaf was truly picture worthy. Daughter made Kaiser rolls for
a pulled pork shoulder I smoked. Delicious.

We burned through our ~10 lbs stash fairly quickly, early on. Were
lucky enough to get another 5 lbs at the grocery - but that went
quick too. A friend was lucky enough to score a 25 lbs bag for us
from Costco, which we're sharing. A neighbor has given us a sample from
her Sourdough starter, which I've been feeding 50g of flour and water
each day, building it up enough for some loaves. Been ages since I
played with sourdough - before said college kids were born. Should
be a fun learning experience.

I only hope I can up my excercise routines up enough to offset all the
additional calories from all this good cooking.

Hope all's well for anyone in this (mostly) silent newsgroup..


Post about bread on and too as they
are also struggling.