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Hey Arne,

Give me a bit more information... where is machines sending a lot of water
from elsewhere? What does that mean?

Does the machine appear to block itself up and then make a popping sound and
then release water into the drip tray? Are you cleaning the brew unit after
each coffee making session and not allowing the coffee grind to stick to the
shower head?

Let me know.

Steve Soberon

"Arne Fjellerad" wrote in message
Hi there,

I bought this machine Friday and have now enjoyed two days of heavy
coffee drinking. NOW I HAVE A PROBLEM:

Instead of brewing coffee the machine sends out a lot of water from
elsewhere. It only drips with a small amount of coffee from the tap.

I have tried to clean up the brewing unit - BUT IN VAIN. Can someone
please help me???????????????????????????????????

Kind regards

Arne Fjellerad