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Default TN: Chateauneuf du Pape at Nice Matin NYC

On 11/15/19 2:03 PM, DaleW wrote:

Several people had the 98 Pegau as top 3 wine
I only bought a few '00 CdP, didn't care for and tucked away a very few to see if improved, think I have single bottles of P Usseglio, Vieux Donjon, and Charvin, will try soon with low expectations
But as a not frequent CdP drinker, overall I was happy with night

I liked the '98 Pegau but '01 was far more structured and a bit more
restrained in character. '99 was a charmer of a vintage. The Charvin
you should definitely hang onto: he can make good wine in even a hot
year. These days, I only buy VT, Pegau and Charvin (even Beaucastel has
become too clean for my tastes since '05) and I don't buy that much of
them, either.

Mark Lipton

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