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Default New breadmaker needed

On 28/04/2019 00:34, Peter Flynn wrote:
Lakeland BreadMaker Plus, which is big and boxy but comes with a
stand for smaller baking trays, and a customisable program, which I
would find useful. Mixed reviews comparing it to the Panasonic
251/2/3 though.

I took the leap and bought this the other day. Haven't used it yet, just
done their prep work of washing the tin and putting it into a 10-min
bake cycle, presumably to burn off dust and stuff.

First impressions:

Upsides: Nicely made, clear screen, good instruction book, detachable
digital scales, more compact than my old Panasonic (I was wrong about
'big and boxy'), well laid out and easy to use.

Downsides: no on/off switch you have to unplug or use a switched
wall-socket. Both are impractical for me, as the wall-socket is behind
the machine. The tin is flimsier than the Panasonic's, being made from
pressed steel instead of what looks like die-cast. Both are foolish,
amateurish cost-cutters: I would happily have paid another 10 or so.

Major diff: the instructions say to load the tin with the salt and
liquid FIRST, THEN flour and sugar and fat, and FINALLY the yeast (on
top), to prevent the yeast contacting the liquid or salt prematurely.
The Panasonic for identical reasons said yeast FIRST, then flour and
sugar and fat and salt, and FINALLY the liquid on top (the flour forming
a blocking layer). I'll try both: the Panasonic method always worked.

A review in _Which?_ magazine said the delayed-action (overnight)
wholewheat loaf was disappointing. I emailed Lakeland about this and
they said they don't recommend doing wholewheat overnight anyway. But
the Panasonic did it fine, so I'll experiment.

It also apparently makes jam.