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Default TN: 3 white Burgs and 7 Volnays with Turkish food

On Thursday, August 1, 2019 at 7:39:16 PM UTC-4, greybeard wrote:

I have a stash of 2005 burgs including some H Boillot. Always thought
vintage would need time so no corks pulled at this stage.
Have some 2015 of Boillot Chevrets which I think may drink earlier.

PS enjoy your posts, thread would die without you.

Sometimes chide myself for not posting TN's myself but mostly
consume local small production wines purchased direct from producers
and only exported in very very limited quantities.

I am certainly holding off on my '05s. I think '15 is also a structured vintage, but in general I think either drink within a few years of vintage or wait past the grumpy stage. Though this '05 offered SOME pleasure

I know Usenet in general is dead, but I like posting here, even if small readership, and gives me an archive backup

I'd love to read notes on less known NZ producers, you never know when they might export. A good friend lived in NZ for a few years and it was fun learning about wines (some of which like Kumeu River started to be imported) or when a NZ friend brought a Bell Hill Canterbury Chard to a dinner.