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Default GMO? Organic?? what is your level of knowledge?

On 5/17/2019 1:02 PM, ImStillMags wrote:
On Friday, May 17, 2019 at 9:41:44 AM UTC-7, Ed Pawlowski wrote:
On 5/17/2019 11:49 AM, ImStillMags wrote:
I watched a new movie today...... it is free on line for a few more days.... and I learned some valuable things.

I highly recommend this film. I had some ideas about GMO foods, Roundup and organic foods that were wrong. I think we would all like to have our bodies feel better.

take the time to watch, you won't regret it


Its an hour and 20 minutes. I'm not ready to invest that time to see
what their agenda is. They should make a condensed version.

how much time are you willing to invest to improve your health? That's what it is about.

I got 90% of what I needed to know from the trailer. The movie started
off rather boring and did not entice me to spend a lot of time.

I'm not in favor of GMO but do not go crazy to get organic. People
often chide Bruce about his ingredient lists, but he is right. We don't
need a lot of that crap and we avoid it.

Have you heard of the Feingold Diet? Very similar to avoid
preservatives and artificial colors. Made quite a difference in my
son's behavior as a child. especially red food coloring, you could pick
him off the ceiling.