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Default Rachael Ray's wardrobe?

On Thu, 16 May 2019 19:48:19 -0700 (PDT), Nancy2

Really, she doesn't have all that great a shape, IMO. Her arms are too short, and look
almost plump, her waist is too thick and she is noticeably high-waisted. There is
nothing wrong with that; it's just that I guess I can't see what you-all are seeing. I think
she wears blacks and Browns to make herself look thinner. There is nothing wrong with
that, either, is what I would do without a second thought.

(And, BTW, she has never referred to herself as a "chef." She even makes a point of
emphasizing, "I am not a chef; I am a cook."). And as a personable cook, she has many,
many loyal fans.

She was one of the first American Food Network chefs I ever saw. I
liked her. I probably still do. I don't care if her waist is high or
her breasts are low or whatever. She's less fake than many other
American TV heads