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Default Corned Beef

On Thu, 16 May 2019 15:51:47 -0700, Leonard Blaisdell wrote:

Corned beef just went on sale at the supermarket I shop for $2.99/lb. I
bought a three pound flat. I generally eat corned beef once a year for
St. Pat's Day. Other times, the price is generally atrocious.
It turns out that their St. Pat's corned beef has a sell by date of
5/21 at this supermarket. They didn't sell it all for the big day and
upped the price afterward until the sell by date approached. I'll have
to remember the sell by date next year and plan accordingly.
So I'm going to cook it today, refrigerate it and figure out what to do
with it tomorrow. There's lots of stuff I "could do". I just haven't
decided what yet. It won't go to waste.

Most frigerated corned beef has a date stamp of 8-12 months out from
manufacture. The stuff here has been $3.50/lb here all year long -
Before and after St Patruicks day. They just keep moving it from
one place to another in the meat coolers.

Nobody had Corned Beef on sale here for St Patricks Day. It used to
be $.99/$1.29 10 for St Pats 10 years ago. I think we're (Central
Texas) being punished for sucking up all the beef brisket from the
U.S. other times of the year. Smoked and trimmed brisket packer
brisket here comes with a 1000%-1200% markup from BBQ trailers and
restaurants ($2/lb raw retail, $24/lb smoked).