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Default Is this a viable SD starter?

On Tue, 16 Apr 2019 14:16:19 -0600, notbob wrote:

On 4/16/2019 12:55 PM, Boron Elgar wrote:

Early on in my SD days, I bought a crock from KA to use for SD. I used
it for awhile and went back to Rubbermaid or similar because the crock
never offered a perfect seal for long-term storage in the fridge
(sometimes my starters lounge in the fridge for weeks)

One thing to know about bread baking is that there is no "right way"
of doing things and that extends a tad into the starters, too. Not
only are there those who say to never use plastic containers, but
some also warn folks off using metal utensils to mix, too. I have
found no diffs.

I like yer style.

Took me 2 yrs of making pies to get the crust jes right. Now, it's a

Ken Rollins suggests a 1-1/2 qt crock-pot covered with a do-rag cuz he
sez, "If you hear a sound like a shotgun in the middle of the night,
it's yer starter exploding in that sealed container". Recall I sed Ken
uses, "instant yeast".

I'll get it. Thanks for the tips, Boron.


Happy to help. Always.

The way not to pop the top on a starter container is to deal in really
small amounts until you are doing a build (creating enough for a
specific recipe) for a loaf.

I admit to an overflow here and there over the years, strictly by my
won silliness and overgenerosity is normal refreshment.