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Default Is this a viable SD starter?

On 2019-04-16 12:21 p.m., notbob wrote:
On 4/16/2019 11:55 AM, notbob wrote:

Otherwise, when it comes to bread, I have no idea what I'm doing.* Am
watching KA's vids on sourdough, now.**

A couple more questions:

1.) Do I need a banetton proofing basket?

2.) Is a "primed" starter the same thing as an "active" starter?


You don't need a banneton although they are nice to have for free-form
loaves. If you want to get one, I highly recommend those made from
pressed wood fibre like these if you can find them in the US:

I have seen them advertised by US suppliers but I couldn't find one when
I did a quick check. Mine has ridges to imitate the coiled cane
brotforms, which I also have as well as French-style, linen lined ones.
The pressed fibre one is so much easier to use, I find.
Note in my other post that Dick Adams bakes his SD in tins.

I would imagine that primed starter is just a flour/water mix to which a
seed of Starter has been added. After a few hours, it's active.