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Default Is this a viable SD starter?

On 4/16/2019 9:06 AM, graham wrote:

Take a couple of Tbsps of the starter (discarding the rest) and feed it
with flour and water. Do this several times. DON'T put it in the fridge
until you have a good, powerful starter and need to store it.
BTW, if there ever is liquid on the surface, pour it off! It contains
alcohol as a by-product of fermentation and will only inhibit bug

Thank you, graham, for your timely reply.

I have found a U2B video that shows a live starter from King Arthur
(KA). Since I use a lotta KA flour (bread, 100% whole wheat, organic
APF, etc), I thought it would be nice to see what a live starter looks
like. KA makes one and it's nice to see it. Interesting!

Here's the video:

Feel free to comment. The video is "Vino Farm" (lower right corner)

I've been watching Ken Rollins (chuck wagon cook) make SD everything,
but he sez "never" in plastic and seldom bakes @ 8K ft elev. He
recommends 1-1/2qt "crock" which the guy from Vino Farm is totally
against. I'm going fer consistency rather than exact measurements.

Plus, Ken recommends mixing in the alcohol "dark" liquid (he also uses
"instant" yeast). (I have brewed whole grain beer so know what "kriek
lambics" are).

Otherwise, when it comes to bread, I have no idea what I'm doing. Am
watching KA's vids on sourdough, now.