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Default Chef Boyardee Throwback

On 2/10/2019 1:50 PM, Sqwertz wrote:
On Sun, 10 Feb 2019 00:17:53 -0800, Julie Bove wrote:

"Sqwertz" wrote in message
On Sat, 9 Feb 2019 21:27:51 -0800, Julie Bove wrote:

No but he did ask me to make rye bread with cinnamon in it. We'll see how
that comes out.

And you said he's a foodie!?!?!?! He's no foodie and he's playing
you if he's asking you to do shit like that.

No. I said my BF was a foodie. Actually he still is. He's just not my BF any
more. New BF is also a foodie. But his tastes and mine are not the same when
it comes to food.

The gardener did love the Pad Thai that I made the other day. Said it was
way better than what I got at Costco.

Look at Julie, always trying to insert those covert tidbits of her
wannabe personal life into unrelated conversations. You just forgot
to say. "But for reasons I'm not going to discuss that here and

And no, you said that of your "gardener". You just wanted to
mention you "boyfriends" tonight.


There's the he's not her BF anymore but the current BF is but it's not
the gardener. She always did say she was a Princess. Now she's Queen
Bee and all these honeys are hovering around. Why do I find this hard
to believe.