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Default Chef Boyardee Throwback

On 2/10/2019 8:05 PM, Julie Bove wrote:

"jmcquown" wrote in message
On 2/10/2019 5:23 AM, Gary wrote:
Julie Bove wrote:

Anyone try these products? Canned beef ravioli, lasagna and Beefaroni.

Anyhoo... I ordered three cans of the Throwback ravioli from Amazon for
$1.58 each. I believe this is a marked down price as I had seen the
Beefaroni and lasagna in a few brick and mortar stores for around $3.

I tried the stuff last night and flat out didn't like it!
Anyone tried the Throwback stuff?

Geez Julie-o, you didn't like it? lol
Why is NOBODY here surprised?*

Anyway, I always keep 2-3 cans in my pantry just as
easy food for hurricane season or just lazy nights.
I ate the last one about month ago so actually had
them on my grocery list for the next trip.

Never even heard about the Throwback kind so I looked it up.
Supposedly back to the old days when it was made much better or
so. Well I went to the store and bought 2 cans yesterday:
- the regular kind for 99 cents
- the new Throwback kind for $1.50

OK so next time I'm in the mood I'm going to open both cans and
have a side-by-side comparison. The Throwback cost 50% more so it
should taste much better. I'll just see about that though.

Sounds like they're trying to beef up business. * I can't imagine
paying more for something called Throwback.* If it was so much better
in the old days why did they change it?* Gotta love marketing!

At any rate, it's still just canned pasta in sauce.* If/when you do
your taste test I'd be interested in hearing the results.* I'm not
going to watch a youtube video about it.

The claim is that there is more meat in the old style and it's Angus
beef. Also no high fructose corn syrup and the sauce it much thicker. A
person who did a comparison thought there was far too much garlic in the
old style. That could be it. I can handle a small amount of garlic but
not too much.

"Claim" being the operative word. The breed of cow (Angus) doesn't
really matter. It's still canned pasta in some sort of tomato sauce. I
don't expect "chunks" of beef.

You've already said you bought it and don't like it. Ordered it online,
per usual. Paid $1.58 a can and then complained about it. Whatever.

I don't plan to buy it. I was merely asking Gary to report back on his
taste test between the two versions. Many people happen to like garlic.
Not necessarily people who are heating a can of Chef Boyardee Trowback
canned whatever.