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Default Chef Boyardee Throwback

On 2/7/2019 7:39 PM, Hank Rogers wrote:
Julie Bove wrote:
Anyone try these products? Canned beef ravioli, lasagna and Beefaroni.
They are using an old recipe to make these. Not sure which recipe it is
because they have changed the recipes over the years.

For most of my adult life, I bought nothing of that brand. But I
remember the day that I did. Can't remember the whole story but I do
remember showing Angela a can and telling her that was what I ate as a
teen. The ravioli that is. Never liked Beefaroni and never tried the

After that, I would buy a few cans when it was on sale for 88 cents. Of
course the ravioli I make is much better and even frozen is better. But
there is no egg in the canned stuff. Need to find a way to make it with
no egg. I was given a recipe but lost it.

Anyhoo... I ordered three cans of the Throwback ravioli from Amazon for
$1.58 each. I believe this is a marked down price as I had seen the
Beefaroni and lasagna in a few brick and mortar stores for around $3.

I tried the stuff last night and flat out didn't like it! Quite
honestly, I can't remember what it tasted like when I was a kid but I
did drown it with parsley and Kraft Parm. to eat it.

Anyone tried the Throwback stuff?

Yoose have probably had a prophylactic reaction to the stuff.

Throw it out yoose window, take two aspirins, and call a doctor in the

And put the lime in the coconut..