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Default Honey score in the cupboard

On Fri, 1 Feb 2019 21:08:40 -0600, Terry Coombs

On 2/1/2019 8:24 PM, wrote:
On Sat, 02 Feb 2019 12:57:45 +1100, Bruce

On Fri, 1 Feb 2019 19:38:30 -0600, Terry Coombs

On 2/1/2019 6:43 PM, jmcquown wrote:
On 1/30/2019 11:04 PM, Dave Smith wrote:
This morning I was looking through the cupboards the jar honey to
fill the honey jar.* There were two half jars and one of them was
buckwheat honey. I had forgotten about that stuff. My wife had picked
it up for me thinking that I love the stuff.* She had overestimated
my attitude about the stuff. It is pretty good, but I only like it
once in a while, which is why it had been put away. It as
crystallized so I had to warm it up to liquefy it.** Good stuff....
once in a while.
I would be completely surprised to find anything other than South
Carolina clover honey.* I've got a jar of it dated 2004 and have yet
to open it.

* We still have 9 quarts of raw unfiltered wildflower honey down in the
cellar . Not even labeled since I didn't intend on selling it .
I wonder if there's plastic in it.

No one stores nine quarts of honey, they use it, sell it, or give it
away... Coombs is full of BS... anyone seen his hives, I thought not.
I have many neighbors who keep bees, none horde their honey, they sell
it or barter it. I leave home grown veggies at my neighbor's door,
they leave jars of honey at my door. People who keep bees don't save
honey because they have much more coming... that's why I don't believe
anything Coombs claims... he likely lives in some big city slum
tenement basement appartment... NO BEES... only Bs Coombs sees are
drug dealing *******s.

* Are you calling me a liar ? That honey is stocked for MY use and my
wife's . The bees are a varroa mite resistant variety developed by Ed
Levi , a former Arkansas bee inspector - and there are NO chemicals used
in my hives . Here's a link , Ed's business is mentioned . I assume your
reading comprehension is good enough to pick his name out . Just can't
stand anyone that doesn't bend over and kiss your ass can you ?

* And , since you claim I live in a city (we do own a house in Memphis
, my son lives in it) here's a link to my photobucket . BOOKMARK THAT LINK

Nothing worth seeing, just an ancient JD toy, likely stopped running
decades ago from the looks of that ripped seat. Anyway Amazon Photo
sucks, takes too long to load and difficult to navigate.