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Default Cornbread (pic)

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Couldn't sleep, so I baked a skillet of cornbread.
Yum!ÃâšÃÂ* That would go very well with the leftover
pinto beans I plan to have for lunch.ÃâšÃÂ* Instead,
I'll have to settle for tortilla chips.ÃâšÃÂ* 8-(

Cornbread is great with bean dishes.ÃâšÃÂ* I'm planning
to make some spicy bean soup to serve with it.ÃâšÃÂ* I
do love cornbread!

I just added buttermilk to my grocery list and will be
baking a batch or cornbread soon.ÃâšÃÂ* I should have
done that when I took the last of the freezer stash

I never remember to buy buttermilk.ÃâšÃÂ* I do the cheat
thing and add a splash of white vinegar to milk to curdle
it.ÃâšÃ Now I have to add white vinegar to my shopping

I do that sometimes too, but I also try to have powered
buttermilk on hand.

I keep forgetting to add powdered buttermilk to my list. I've
added it.
I'm also nearly out of white vinegar so I've added that to
my list.
(White vinegar combined with baking soda and water is an
excellent way to clean jewelery.)


And also drains.

Unless you have copper plumbing!!! My house has copper
drain-pipes that are obviously vulnerable.

I wouldnd't think there would be enough acid to really do any

Well after my former neighbour died, her daughter was cleaning the
house and poured a full bottle of vinegar down the sink. Six or
seven hundred dollars for plumbing repairs made her regret that!
It ate through the copper drain pipe.

That's a little drastic. When I periodically use the vinegar and
baking soda I put 3 orf 4 tablespoons of baking soda down the drain
followed by 1 cup of white vinegar. When it's finished foaming up I
follow that up with copious amouns of very hot water. The process
doesn't take more than 10-15 minutes and the drain is clean and

Our houses are over 50 years old and built in a time when all the above
ground plumbing was copper and who knows how much corrosion had already
weakened the pipes. They've been using plastic for many years now, even
for the water supply lines.