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Default egg cooker question

Janet, good for you vis a vis an egg cooker. There is no substitute, matter how carefully one
follows any person's "expert" directions. You could take the egg directly from a hen's nest, put it in a
cooker, let the cooker do the work based on how much water you put in the cooker, take it out when the
cooker turns itself off, run a little cold water over the egg until cool enough to peel, and peel it perfectly.

Janet, to get the exact degree of hard-boiled you want, without any degree of grayish or greenish ring between
yolk and white, you will probably have to experiment a little. If you use medium size eggs, for example,
a perfect hard-boiled egg might take a little less water than a large or XL egg would take. That is, unless
your directions say what size egg was used to determine their directions. I suggest adjusting the amount of
water a T. at a time. OTOH, the water level designated in the base of the cooker may be perfect for the
size of egg you use. I use Jumbo eggs, and have never had to adjust the water level. But I use the cooker
only for poached (mine does 4 at a time) or for deviled eggs, where a slight ring doesn't show.