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Mike Stanton
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haier, avanti, danby ... even the more expensive marvel, u-line, sub-zero,
etc. are generally dependable products. they are not designed for
indefinite "storage", but are more appropriate to "consume and replace"
applications (i.e., short term). on the other hand, there are a few
alternative "brands" that have neither the service histories, warranties,
nor vendor support provided by mainstream lines.

stick with the aforementioned and you'll be o.k.

a true wine cellar will cool slowly and gently to avoid severe fluctuations
in temperature. it must access the ambient fresh air supply in order to
achieve/maintain appropriate humidity levels.

refrigerators with modified thermostats have no means by which to access the
ambient absolute humidity and they cool relatively quickly. when an area is
cooled quickly, the warm air (and the associated humidity) is evacuated

1/3 of the battle is temperature (mid 50's), but fluctuations can have
adverse effects, long term, and the dehydrative effect of quick cooling can
lead to oxidation/evaporation of the wine.

some "discount" and "big box" stores do have some decent oriental imports -
others peddle cheap crap - regardless, there's a reason they are piled high
and sold cheap.

"CabFan" wrote in message

On 12-Sep-2004, "Robbienorth" wrote:

Hey all,
We are a young couple new to the wine world and looking for someone
an electric mini wine cooler they have collecting dust or not bein
appreciated. We have one bottle at the moment but are working on it....
you have a large one you want to get rid of for a good price we'll
that too.
An interesting red wine you may want to sell to broaden my horizons we'd
really appreciate that.

all the best

You may also consider checking you local Costco, Sams, Wal-mart, etc. for
small unit. I have 2 I bought at Costco for $150 ea that hold 47 bottles.
Home Depot, Lowe's, etc. also is known to carry small units.

Good luck!