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Default Taco Bell

"notbob" wrote in message
On 12/1/2018 2:25 PM, Bruce wrote:

No, it's one of 3 Taco Bells in the country and they're all closing

TB's are always "closing down". It's cuz they oversold the franchises
when they first came out. I remember all the TB's along El Camino

....Most of 'em closed down within a couple yrs and the ol' faux adobe
sites became something else. There were dozens of 'em, one every 2-3
miles apart.

TB is owned by PepsiCo, which also bought out "Chevy's", an upscale CA
Mexican resto chain. I hear Chevy's is doing poorly, now. (shrug)

We had a Chevy's here in WA. It's not upscale at all. The food was terrible
and they didn't stay open for long. Had the most horrid salsa I'd ever
tasted. And they put some weird corn paste thing on the plate. SF liked it
but I don't know anyone else who did. My ex liked to eat there. Angela and I
wouldn't. We did go there with him, had a drink only then ate when we got
home. I love Mexican food but what they served was some odd Americanized