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On Sun, 19 Sep 2004 03:50:59 GMT, "Julie Bove"

"Alan" wrote in message
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Simple stir fries

They never spike me.

If you omit the aromatics and extras preparation, a simple soy sauce
stir-fry lunch takes five minutes from fridge to plate.

Base Per person:

One or two cups of stir-fry mix (see previous post). Extras such as
spinach, chard or silver-beet can be added at this stage.

I've seen golden beets or red beets. But what is silver-beet?


Hi Julie

Part of the same family as swiss chard. Similar to Spinach when cooked,
but larger leaves. I grow them in the back-yard and keep harvesting
leaves from the plants for a month or two in season. They don't have a
bulb like sugar-beets.

Cheers, Alan, T2 d&e, Australia.
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