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Chris and Bob Neidecker
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"SPOONS" > wrote in message
> Hi all,
> I was just wondering what are some of your meals that you cook when you

> guests for dinner. I could use some ideas.
> Take care,

Didn't you already get a bunch of ideas here?

Chicken fajitas
Beer can chicken (google for recipe; brine chicken first)
Grilled fish (get good fish and prepare simply)
Pulled pork - smoked for many hours, served w/ buns, slaw, assorted sauces,
plus baked beans & salads
Baby back ribs - again, assorted sauces, baked beans, salad
Steaks on the grill
Portobellos & Peppers over Angel Hair Pasta (from the r.f.c. cookbook)
Homemade corn chowder w/ tossed salad and homemade bread and sweet potato
Island Pork Tenderloin salad (recipe from, though I find a
hotter oven works better)
Scampi in garlic butter over angel hair pasta
Homemade pizza on the grill