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Richard Kaszeta
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"Michael G. Connelly" writes:
Does anyone know of a good, or even know of
a Vietnamese restaurant in Phoenix AZ?

I don't get into Phoenix proper too often, but here is my list. I
tend to prefer Pho places, so all of these places feature Pho.
Roughly in order of my personal preference, both all are pretty decent:

Dong Phuong
8123 E Roosevelt St, Scottsdale

Khai Hoan Restaurant
1537 E Apache Blvd, Tempe
(If you like Middle Eastern Food, Haji Baba's on the other end of
the strip mall is good, too)

Little Saigon
Phoenix Spectrum Mall
1588 W. Montebello Ave., Phoenix
(Disclaimer: Haven't been there since '02)

Saigon Nites
15111 North Hayden Road, Scottsdale
(Fairly new, I don't think it's been there more than a month or so)

(Disclaimer: I don't live in the area anymore, and just visit
frequently, so there is a chance there is a really good Vietnamese
place I just don't know about)

Richard W Kaszeta