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Default Shortage of fresh ginger?

Bruce wrote:
On Mon, 11 Jun 2018 02:21:51 -0000 (UTC), Jinx the Minx

Julie Bove wrote:
I've been making tea with fresh ginger. Have been getting it at PCC for some
time. It was the cheapest and freshest source. PCC is a local chain similar
to Whole Foods. Had to get it via delivery because the two stores closest to
me never had much at one time but the one that delivers used to have a lot
of it. But now?

Have been having trouble finding it. If a store has any at all, it's a small
amount and not fresh. Also, a lot of what I'm seeing seems to come from
Mexico. The "hands" are much larger and not quite the same shape and the
flavor is not as strong.

I spotted it at Costco but didn't need any at the time. Went back to buy
some later. They had none. It's still listed on their computer but they
don't know when they will get it again.

Last order to PCC showed a major price increase and they placed a limit on
how much I could buy.

Is there a shortage for some reason? Or is it just a seasonal item?

I buy ginger by the pounds, all the time. I have no troubles finding it.
If there is an Asian or Indian grocer nearby, you should have no issues
getting a larger quantity, plus, itÂ’s usually FAR cheaper per pound than
chain grocers. Fresher, too.

But it may have been grown with human manure.