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Default Pu-erh tea shop in Kunming

We are family shop located in Yunnan , Kunming tea market which mainly specialize on Yunnan teas but also have good selection of teas from other provinces in China.
Our biggest passion is pu-erh tea and Yunnan pottery like Dai Tao from Dai ethic minorities or Jianshui purple pottery called Zi Tao.

We personally select and deliver pottery directly from the masters. Also directly sourcing some of the teas directly from the tea garden / tea farm / tea plantation or tea producer.

One of our goals is to to deliver good tea and honest customer service in already very messy tea business.

Where and how we do that ? You can check our blogs on

Or just simply follow us on social medias like Instagram or Facebook.

We looking forward to hear from you !

Alex & Siran

Yunnan Craft