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Dar V
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Good thought; the wine was clear though. I thought it might be the
sulfites, but like I said, she has had my other wines before without having
a reaction. Now, all my windows were open in my house, maybe the breeze
brought something in which she had a reaction too. I was just wondering,
because she did ask me before I opened the bottle and passed it around. I
told her I didn't know, but she was brave and tried it anyway. After she
started sneezing though, we didn't let her have anymore, and we did move on
to another bottle - cherry I think. Who knows...?

"Ray Calvert" wrote in message
Amazing, I don't think pollens should have made it into the wine if it was
clear. I don't doubt that the reaction is real but I wander what it was
that she was reacting too?


"Dar V" wrote in message
My wine tasting get-together provided a bit more input than we all
thought. My friend Barb has allergies to outdoor pollens...anyway, she
had a small glass of my dandelion wine, and about 30 minutes later she
was sneezing and such. She has had my other wines before with no ill
effects. Needless we cut her off and she was better in a bit. Has anyone
else run into this? or are we just plain wrong to think this?
Curious in Wisconsin,