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Default Boiling or simmering raw sausage links

On Thursday, November 23, 2017 at 1:04:45 PM UTC-6, Sheldon wrote:

On Thu, 23 Nov 2017 09:25:01 -0700, U.S. Janet B.

I thought the recommended way to cook sausages was to put a bit of
water in the pan (1/4 inch maybe) put the sausages in on medium, cook
and turn until the water is gone, sausages are firm and browned. Not
sure where I picked that up
Janet US

That works okay when cooking a small quantity so there's only one
layer to saute, however that method doesn't eliminate the salt.
I usually simmer a couple dozen so I cover them with water to
simmer... dump the water... then I use two pans for browning in a wee
bit of olive oil. I see no reason to poke holes in the casings, just
don't boil them. When I make my own sausage I control the salt
content and I rarely stuff casings, it's much simpler to make

_Italian sausages_ are definitely benefited with a few holes poked into
their casings. That is unless you like eating all that pork fat. Hey,
you can suck on your shirt later if you get hungry after it has splattered
that grease all over the front.

Even if _Italian sausages_ are grilled outdoor they benefit from being
poked with several holes. It's that fat thing I talked about in the
previous paragraph.