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Default UK - Tea retailers online ?

Bella Jones writes:

On Thursday, July 10, 2003 at 1:11:48 AM UTC+5:30, Rick Chappell wrote:
Hello. I was amused to read your post because, since I'm going to
London next week, I was going to ask the newsgroup about where to go
there to buy tea. On my last visit I stumbled into a tea shop which
didn't have much tea of quality, so I supposed that London is no
guarantee of good tea. On the other hand, I'm traveling via
Philadelphia which has a nationally famous tea shop which with luck
I'll be able to stop at, though I won't have much time.

You will probably get a lot of answers, maybe from some with experience
in English tea shops like Whittards which will save you postage. If
not, I have had very good luck with SpecialTeas, , and Upton Teas, .
The former has a flat 6$US international shipping fee and the latter is
10$US for the first pound (they may be different types of shipping



Hi -

I'm a bit new around these parts, so apologies if this question has been
answered before.

I regularly shop at Whittards Tea Zone shops in London (for those that don't
know, these are like their standard tea shops with a special
section set aside
for speciality/single estate teas). Obviously it would be much easier if I
could shop online, so wondered if anyone here had recommendations, or had
tried ordering online from Whittards [ideally would like to get them to
deliver to me at work].

AFAICT, Twinnings doesn't offer their speciality teas online, and
their shops
opening hours aren't the most convenient if you work during the week.

I've also found the St James Teas website, how do they do quality wise ?

I like mid to stronger black teas, Ceylons, Assams, etc. I notice St James
does tea from Kenya and Tanzania and wondered whether or not these
were worth
trying ?

Regards, Chris

Hi Chris,
I shop for my tea from Halmari tea and I have been very satisfied with
the quality of it. All their teas are sourced from Assam, so I am
guessing it will be something that you will like. And the rate is also
very reasonable. Try their clonal tea, it is really very nice.
Website Link -

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