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Default Identify a deep fried dough product?

On Thursday, April 1, 1999 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-5, RHA wrote:
As a kid in Buffalo NY, every now and then
Mom and Dad would decide it was it to go
to Crystal Beach, an amusement park in
Canada. They sold a deep-fried dough
confection for which I hope someone can
supply a recipe.

It was a sweet batter that you dipped a rosette
shaped iron into (like a branding iron)
and put the coated end into oil.

It wasn't a funnel cake, at least the box
mix kind. It came out as a crunchy crust-like spongy air holes. Sprinkle a little
powered sugar on it and you had a happy eight
year old.


I was going to the state fair to find one. Thanks for the recipe. I saw another recipe with less sugar but I'm going to try yours. Can you use vanilla flavoring instead of lemon? If so, which will yield the taste closer to Crystal Beach? I'm going to get my rosette iron today. Can't wait. Will let you know how it works. Oh for the days of Crystal Beach.