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Default Acorn squash - Looking for baking recipe

In article , "Frederick Pileggi"

Ok everyone_ As far as cooking, the squash has to share the oven with
bigbird... 325degrees is what I will be using Obviously the time in the
oven will be longer. Is the reason some recommend cooking cut side down in
either a water bath or greased sheet to prevent it drying out? As I
mentioned, I would tent them as best as I can in my scenario.
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On 24-Nov-2003, "Frederick Pileggi" wrote:

Looking for a recipe that is simple to bake and serve. I figure to
in half, scoop out the center and ??


Preheat oven to 400F; put halves in baking dish cut side down and bake for
20 min. Remove, turn cut side up, add a pat of butter and fill cavity
nearly full with Dr. Pepper, bake another 20 minutes or until flesh is


Cut side down is steamed , NOT baked... it's okay squash if you like baby food,
but it ain't baked.

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