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Dan Logcher
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Gerry wrote:

In article , Dan Logcher

Mekare wrote:

Someone recently asked for a good place to buy chopsticks. I just
wanted to say I recently had a very good experience with ( ).
I ended up speaking with them over the phone, and they were very
friendly and professional. Just my 2 cents!

None of the chopsticks on the site, especially the Japanese ones, had
the rough area near the tip. My brother-in-law bought us two sets of
Japanese chopsticks during a trip that have this, and it makes
picking up the slippery stuff a lot easier.

They are veyr nice looking though.. but I have several sets of Thai
chopsticks made of different blends of laminated hardwood.

One of those amazing surprises: We bumped into a chopstick store in the
neightborhood of Kobe named Motomachi where we probably spent 45
minues. Hundreds of pairs of chopsticks on the wall, each beautiful,
different, curious, fascinating. On the front (as illustrated below),
though I can't read the kanji of the store's name, it says it's been
operating for 1,100+ years; since 894!

Many of these really too expensive, many of them well within reason but
to what end? Still we got a few. All hand-made by artisans from all
over the country.

That's a damn lot of chopsticks.. What were some general prices ranges
in $?