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Default Sourdough microbiology project

On Wed, 30 Nov 2016 07:46:21 -0800 (PST), Eric Graham

It's a pity the signup is on a known and tagged
spamming/malware distributing site. Expect a full inbox if you sign
up. And don't click on any of the URLs they might contain.

Yikes! This is strange, given the university-based stuff that they are doing, but perhaps I'm not surprised. Thank you Shadow for the heads-up on that. I did sign up about a month ago, but no obvious repercussions have occurred to my inbox... yet.

The first two authors mentioned in the article seem to be OK,
though. The other two ? Interface between microbes and ART, OMG !!!!

I'm teaching a microbiology class this winter and you'd be surprised how many people find beauty in a petri dish (but making a University career out of it... wow). If you haven't seen some before, here's a fun set:


Best info about sourdough organisms he

Thanks for the link! And Thanks to Boron Elgar for the link as well. I have some more fun reading to do!



Keep up the good work.