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Default Extinct Chains...

The original Vallee's was at Woodfords corner in Portland Me. It moved to Brighton ave. near Portland / Westbrook line I'm guessing in the 60's. This was the last location. It closed in the late 90's. There was one in Kittery Me. Best restaurant I've ever been to.

There was a Howdy's in Falmouth Me. on rt. 1. The building is still there, it was most recently Pratt Abbott dry cleaners.
I only remember getting hot dogs there. I remember they wore cowboy hats a greeted you with "Howdy". Wasn't there long, maybe couple years. Very early 70s.

We also had a York Steak House in the Maine Mall. It was owned by General Mills. It was cafeteria style. It was extremely popular for years. It switched to a buffet style. Only lasted a couple years after that.