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Default How to clean up broken glass in a dish-washer

replying to domtam, Carla wrote:
hi This just happened to me this morning. First of all I swore and then swore
some more. The i got busy picking out all of the large pieces and them all
the medium and small pieces. When i couldn't get any more of the pieces out,
I took paper towel and soaked up all of the water. A lot of the smaller
pieces i couldn't pick up without cutting myself came up with the water on the
paper towel. when the inside of the dishwasher was dry, I then went to the
store and bought 3 cans of the pillsbury biscuits that need to be baked
(generic version). I open up the can and flattened out one biscuit and then
just patted the inside of the dishwasher to pick up any remaining shards of
glass. And repeat and repeat until all glass shards are gone. Please keep in
mind that you should dry the inside of the dishwasher with paper towel as much
a possible beforehand. I took the bottom rack out and then i took out the
little mesh basket that catches all the crud, and dried that out with paper
towel and then used a biscuit to get any remaining shard of glass out of that.

What a nightmare- but it worked. I didn't want to spend $50 on a shop vac.
this cost me about $6 for the paper towels which i already had and the

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