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Default Thank you for your feedback. Please accept our apologies.

On Thursday, May 3, 2007 at 3:28:43 PM UTC-4, wrote:
I recently ordered an item from this company and they replied that it
would be backordered for two months. nevertheless they charged my
credit card for the full cost of the item. when i registered a
complaint, the customer service agent said this was standard practice
for this company. at my request, they have now promised to refund to
the credit card.

even if this was done in good faith, they wanted to use my money for
free for two months. and if the item was never supplied to them,
would they have spontaneously refunded the charged amount? i'm not

fyi, this kitchensource-com company runs the following websites:
:: Kitchen Accessories Unlimited
:: Cabinet Accessories Unlimited
:: Bathroom Accessories Unlimited
:: Home Accessories Unlimited
:: Patio Accessories Unlimited