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Default Trump hits Nabisco, turns to Christie: 'You're not eating Oreosanymore, are you?'

On 05/21/2016 04:41 PM, Henry Scott wrote:
On 20 May 2016, "Leroy N. Soetoro" posted
some :

Snip of the Cristie - Trump + Oreos nonsense.
Oreos are better used as a metaphor than as food.

Don't eat any more Hersey chocolate either. It's now made in Mexico.
Mexican food quality is no better than the shit coming from China.
It's poison in a wrapper.

Do you have online references for that remark about Hershey's
and Mexican food quality?

I used to use Ibarra Mexican chocolate tablets which are not tablet
sized but thick largish disks with multiple divisions cut into them.
They include with chocolate and sugar, cinnamon and almonds. The
almonds might have had a small effect on the taste but the grittiness of
the almond bits was distracting.

These days I use Ghirardelli Unsweetened cocoa with about
half the recommended sugar and French vanilla flavored coconut milk
based creamer for my cocoa. Mixed with a tablespoon or so of cold
water the cocoa and sugar are diluted with 4-6 oz. of hot water once
the mix is smooth and shiny.

E.Guittard cocoa is good as well but expensive and none of
the cocoa brands seem to provide as many servings as are stated on
the labels. E.Guittard's label instructions seem to hint at selling
as much stuff as possible and I wonder if they have hooks into the
sugar production. E.Guittard still makes excellent chocolate bars.
Look further in this newsgrou

I got some expensive Natural Cocoa at Rainbow but was disappointed as
it had a pronounced "chemical" tang in its taste.

For baking I use a cheaper cocoa from Trader Joe's at
~$2,00 USD per 9 ounce box. This in addition to Trader Joe's
Pound Plus bitter-sweet chocolate bar at about $5.00 per bar.
This is not of the same quality as more expensive bars but
still extremely edible.