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In article , Dan Logcher

Many of these really too expensive, many of them well within reason but
to what end? Still we got a few. All hand-made by artisans from all
over the country.

That's a damn lot of chopsticks.. What were some general prices ranges
in $?

I can't remember but am guessing they ran, after exchange rate, from 5
to 100 bucks or more. That's a guess really. Early on I simply stopped
looking at prices, since I knew I wasn't buying. We did buy a few pair
in the end, quite rustic, to take home as gifts. Four or five pairs
probably cost us a total of 20 bucks.

"A Dictionary of Japanese Food, Ingredients & Culture" by Richard Hosking
(Tuttle, '97). All the hints one might need for exploring Japanese food.

"The Sake Handbook" by John Gaunter (Tuttle, '02). An excellent intro and
reference to sake.