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Dan Logcher
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D. Lutjen wrote:

I bought my daily use chopsticks in Tokyo in 1987; ¥5,000 and well worth
every ¥en. Just beginning to show some wear on the tips. It pays not to
scrimp when it comes to chopsticks. I have a "his and her" set I bought
back in 1980 - never used. Made out of small branches with a gorgeous
finish . . . on the large end, you can see the growth rings of the twig.
Beautiful workmanship. I never use these.

The two pair my bro-in-law got us is a "his and hers" set as well.
My pair are slightly longer than hers, and red and black laquer vs
blue and black for hers. I really like the rough tips for picking
up sashimi.

The other day I saw a guy at a sushi bar with stainless steel chopsticks.
Probably very slippery with sashimi.