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Default -- Your Next Response Will Determine The Final Solution

-- Your Next Response Will Determine The Final Solution

(c) 2016 Dolf Leendert Boek, Revision: 24 July, 2016

AS OF 0520 HOURS ON 22 JULY, 2016: I am no longer able to login into the
Grindr Support services under the user account credentials with which,
in careful consideration of compliance to the organisation's
administrative requirements, I undertook a user account registration.
So as to properly ensure that the second occasion of the complaint
lodgement was without any administrative ambiguity as the clear
substance of a lawful complaint which was submitted at their www-site:


The error message which was returned:

*Cannot* *log* *in* *suspended* *user* *#8416754968*

Conveys a clear and malicious intention by GRINDR to destroy any record
of the lawful demand now twice placed upon them through their online
GRINDR Support Services:

- Originally submitted as: #1147013 @ 2228 HOURS (PDT) ON 19 JULY 2016,
- Resubmitted as: #1147747 @ 1956 HOURS (PDT) ON 21 JULY 2016.

As a reasonable and patient request for them to give an accountability
as to the actual merit and substantial factual grounds for their
otherwise improper suspension and censorship of my GRINDR account.






==== Do not write a reply below this line ====

Your request (#1150746) is now with the Grindr support team, they will
reply personally very soon!


Please note that our hours of operations are Monday to Friday 9-6 PST.

You can also check Grindr's Help Center
( for answers to our most frequently
asked questions.


Grindr Support

==== Do not write a reply below this line ====

Your support request (#1150746) has been updated.

Dolf Boek
Jul 24, 11:31 PDT

-- Your Next Response Will Determine The Final Solution

==== Do not write a reply below this line ====

Your support request (#1150746) has been updated.

Dolf Boek
Jul 24, 11:32 PDT

Support Regarding Account Suspension As Censorship] ANZAC CENTENARY

==== Do not write a reply below this line ====

Your support request (#1150746) has been updated.

Dolf Boek
Jul 24, 11:33 PDT

-- Sissified Male As Liberty of Being Purveying the Character of Hedonism


It ought to be apparent to you, that your obstructions by the 19 July,
2016 suspension and censorship of my GRINDR mobile user account on the
date of our ANZAC Centenary (war) Memorial. And your determined
subsequent suspension of my GRINDR Help Services user account

Are a contemptuous refusal to respond to repeated reasonable and lawful
requests made of you, in having sought for you to provide the
justifiable grounds for taking such otherwise prejudiced action.

In the absence of any justifiable grounds for your actions, then such
contemptuous conduct must be considered unlawful and you have been
advised that it constitutes Treason which is an indictable offence under
Section 9A(1) of the Victorian Crimes Act of 1958 (Australia).

In reality, each action as your careless, reckless and yet determined
obstructions, simply gave me more time and opportunity to further refine
and enhance the argumentation upon which any such prosecution of an
indictment for the criminal conduct of Treason might succeed. By making
a systematic reduction to an intangibility, any outstanding or possible
merit for your actions upon which you may care to rely in then only
having a recourse to conjuring and construing them subsequently.

Secondly, it allowed me to produce a further document, titled;
"Sissified Male As Liberty of Being Purveying the Character of Hedonism"
which has multiple purposes, and that I won't disclose entirely, except
to say it is purposed and intentioned:

1) To eradicate and exhaust a particular defence which you as a party
(or others) may make in regards to any prosecution for Treason;

2) To direct the public perspective as their conscience intent, towards
their own moral accountability with respects to the possibility of any
prosecution for Treason--that they don't contrive their own morality as
the grounds for a public hysteria and social outrage;

3) To argue an authority to use the provisions of the Treason
legislation under the Crimes Act (Victoria) of 1958, which grants the
presiding Judge determining the matter, an arbitrary consideration of a
penalty, to being something other than life imprisonment;

4) By such legislative provision, and on the basis of a Sovereign
Prerogative as evidenced by an understanding of it, the consequence of a
clear conveyance of news media reported sequence of events, being then
the prima facie fact of a Natural and Common Law as egalitarian right
established as an authority and justification to lawfully prosecute the
Iraqi war and execute Saddam Hussein.

And secondly there is a representation of this Natural and Common Law as
egalitarian right as a tangible Intellectual Property being paradigmatic
theoretical noumenon which has a relationship to 11 September, 2001.

And thirdly the conceptual invalidation of the Letter Patents to
Australian Commonwealth as recognition of being an Instrumentation of
British Empire Governance as Sovereign Authority.

5) As then, to have a right to be heard by such a presiding Judge within
his considerations of an alternative penalty to life imprisonment for
Treason--as a reasonable, immutable and eminent demand for an
ex-judicatory authority to execute such a person who is contemptuous and
has repetitiously committed acts of treason.

This was a positional document which seeks to draw attention to the
magnitude and existentialist basis (ie. time/sexual conduct which is
inclusive of all) as the means to focus an appropriate perspective of
moral culpability by which the Australian populace ought be aggrieved.

And a need for them to awaken from their slumber as a lethargy of
accountability for their own conduct and its merit as either a hindrance
or remedy for a war against religious extremism which has occurred post
11 September, 2001.

Thus, if I say of there being available to me an avenue of a
'determined, lawful and permissible recourse to pursue without
hesitation' in such manner as this.

If the electric fence has a notice fixed upon it which reads: 'WARNING

In my view, that is as much English as you need to live your life by,
without coming to harm by any presumptive action.

If you excuse me, in then saying, that the rest of what is written, is
someone else's prerogative and authority as a profound intellectual
accomplishment which is not for your understanding.

But it is capably within the realm of their providence.

So then, you ought to recognise that there is permissibility and there
are boundaries with which we must contend--but take care that you don't
touch the fence--because you will die and no doubt about it.

Therefore, I put this consideration to you. That if I have a
reasonable, justified and measured lawful recourse to a Natural and
Common Law prerogative as an egalitarian right to have an entitlement to
be firstly heard by such a presiding Judge within his considerations of
an alternative penalty to life imprisonment.

And then secondly, to demand an ex-judicatory authority to impose a
penalty as a sought remedy, which in the situation transcends the
boundaries of our legislation, our justice and parliament and will also
(deliberately) offend the sensibilities as the societal limit on the
degree and severity of any punishment.

Whilst in all probability my statement on 19 July, 2016 which most
likely offended the sensibilities of another GRINDR user with whom I had
entered into conversation, and in their view was discriminatory and
therefore possessed sufficient grounds as the cause of complaint which
brought about this travesty as to result within an immediate account
suspension and censorship.

That my alleged infracting statement also inherently possessed this
innate Natural and Common Law prerogative as an egalitarian right to
have an entitlement to proffer an informed opinion, which by such
essential characteristic is non-discriminatory. This is most evident
from its mere re-statement by an expansion with added emphasis.


I've received some very complimentary exegesis of Torah from various
Rabbi's around the world within the past 24 hours. And it will only
continue to cascade as a snow ball grows as it rolls down a hill.

This follows upon my own revolutionary and transformative 16-page
statement which justifies same sex marriage entirely on the basis of a
Universal Natural and Common Law metempirical philosophical and
metaphysical theological interpretation given to [a HOMOIOTIC
perspective of the THEORY OF NUMBER and the] 10 Commandments as an
egalitarian right of Israel's Sovereign Autonomy in deference to [it's]
historical [connubial (ie. marriage as a yoke) basis made upon it's
'self-identity as a formula of autonomy' and] vassal perspective [of]
Roman Empire Governance which was later adopted by [Islam], the Vatican
City/State and German Fascism.


- 515364934

[Which is otherwise derived from an opposing metempirical and
metaphysical worldview as a psychological mindset and social impress
which is a mechanistic contrivance known as a PYTHAGOREAN (BABYLONIAN)
HETEROS mystical conception of the THEORY OF NUMBER and MARRIAGE, being
a binary apparatus of (spermatic and gender) transformative prototype,
that only has a weak notion of the ego as self identity and any formula
of autonomy.]

YOUTUBE: "The Holocaust Auschwitz Documentary 2015"


Babylon has fallen and I alone have brought the faux and wicked
idolatrous belief of 2.1 billion people to the gates of hell.

Have a great day...


- Mediation and Kabbalah, Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, (c) 1982, p 163
- Sefer Yetzirah: The Book of Creation, In Theory and Practice, Rabbi
Aryeh Kaplan,(c) 1997, p 29
- The Occult Encyclopedia of [Islam's] Magic Squares Vol 1, Nineveh
Shadrach (c) 2009, p xviii-xix



22/7 as 3W1D ...

Law}, which contains the law of that will: 7 x 24 *courses* *of*
*priests* x 13 = 2184 days of the 'oth cycle = 6D or 6 x 364 associated
to the 'constant sequence of sun and moon' as 354 x 3 + 30 day
intercalation = 1092 days x 2 = 2184 days

"And God spake all these words, saying, 'I am the LORD thy God, which
have brought thee out of the land of Egypt {that troubles or oppresses;
anguish}, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods
before me..." [Exodus 20:1-3 (KJV)]

Humanity}, which contains the command to behave in accordance with the
law, that is, the principle of subsumption under the law: x 49 = 6J or
294 x 364 days or 365.2425 x 293 years - Vernal Equinox Wednesday 20
March 1996 / 21 March = 1 Nisan 5756; and

"... Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the
LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon
the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;
And showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my
commandments..." [Exodus 20:5-6 (KJV)]

which contains the verdict (sentence), what is laid down as right in the
case at hand: ... 6,000 as 122J3W1D + 9(9²+1)/2 as #369 with Septet #41
centric on 13-17 September 2001 / 18 September = 1 Tishri 5762.

"...Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the
LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.'" [Exodus
20:7 (KJV)]


-- The union of a man and a woman

-- to the exclusion of all others,

-- voluntarily

-- entered into for life.

/ *DO* *NOT* *STEAL* {72J + 3(3²+1)/2}
-- How is Australian Fascism as a 'formal definition of mono-gamous
gamo-genesis' and piety 'monogenes' [John 1:17-18] any different from
German Fascism?

Marriage was defined within our Australian Constitution of 1901 by the
single term: 'Marriage'

Until 2004 when it was more clearly and improperly defined as a fascist
values based hymenealism within our Australian legislation and is still
not presently lawful for me.

"In 15 September 1935, the first Nuremberg Law (so-called because they
were announced at the first great Nazi rally held at Nuremberg)
proclaimed the Reich Citizenship Law which meant Jews could no longer
call themselves Germans and had no political rights.

A second Nuremberg Law was called the Law for the Protection of German
Blood and German Honor, which banned marriage and sex between those
defined as Germans and those defined as Jews." [Wikipedia

CE) - #15CE - TIBERIUS (#14 #37 CE)... #34CE - CALIGULA (#37 - #41 CE)
.... #65CE - NERO (#666: #54 - #68 CE) ... #2000CE < --- Holy Catholic
'Satanic' Tradition et al as faux-sophistic wisdom}"

'Hail God of Hymen!

Vanity oh vanity, thou art my King!
Greater words I cannot sing.'

MICHAEL CHRIST @ 2043 HOURS ON 18 JULY 2016: "It's a waste of time.

If you are trying to keep the 10 commandments you are wasting your time

A man is justified by faith...apart...from the works of the law."

DUKE (CATHOLIC) EARL WEBER @ 2147 HOURS ON 18 JULY 2016: "Yes, I know.
Works of the law is Jewish."

DOLF @ 0044 HOURS ON 19 JULY 2016: "It's a waste of time this god of mine.

Thou shalt not bear false witness?

'One, two, three--look at me!
I worship idols to the core.
Object of my verity.
The sin of *Baal*-*Peor* {master of the opening}.'


It ought to be abundantly clear then, that I am not answerable to such
impertinence, impudence and the inconsequential amorality of another
inhumane entity. Who is possessive of a deficiency, in having a
questionable and an illegitimacy as only a pretentious claim to
themselves continuing to have any validity of a lawful existence within
the Commonwealth of Australia.

Such a pretentious manner of life as theirs and a sinister intent to
otherwise meaningful mode of dialogue as premature ejaculation of
vexatious complaint is in reality, their taking too much self-importance
upon themselves and it has evidently become so burdensome for them as to
be the cause of too much sufferance.

Here then, is a rule of life as a maxim for them, so that they may live
a better quality of life without too much suffering:

"You live your life and only your life according it's measure.

And I will live my life, according to it's own measure and not be judged
by your limits of measure."

The last two instances of contempt shown by the organisation has simply
given me the opportunity to produce further comprehensive documents
which have also been deployed for my auxiliary anti-terrorism activity
as Internet based volunteerism:

Support Regarding Account Suspension As Censorship] ANZAC CENTENARY

- 515364934

HEDONISM of 22-24 July, 2016

- 515364934

Which has been undertaken entirely on the basis of the tangibility as an
Intellectual Property as my possession and by which means I obtain a
Natural and Common Law prerogative as an egalitarian right. Although,
in other sense it is entirely ethereal and might be otherwise improperly
dismissed as immaterial or inconsequential.

That I am only a citizen in having sought to exercise (NOT USURP OR TO
GIVE OR MAKE ANY PRETENSION) only such authorities, as that which I have
accumulated by a judicious and prudent undertaking of all my public
actions and statements, made entirely in regard for our Commonwealth,
it's sovereign autonomy, security, wealth and prosperity for evermore.

In having done so, without there ever being any interference to the
exercise of the elected good governance, neither it's empowerment and
administration, nor the execution of justice within the Commonwealth of

I consider that there has been such an outrageous contempt unnecessarily
shown towards our War dead and which is of such an abhorrent infraction
to our national sensibilities in being of a magnitude, unsurpassed as an
instance of debauchery, perversity and depravity.

To put it mildly, I am shocked and now have been placed within a
confronted position, where I am challenged to abandon my pacifistic
values and seek an effectual recourse as remedy for the contempt as acts
of Treason committed by GRINDR and that the CEO Joel {he that wills or
commands} Simkhai ought to be held accountable and which the considered
remedy is moderated and constrained in being commensurate to the nature
and character of the infraction to our national sensibilities.

I have been asked, "Why do you despise the human (ie. homo-sapiens) so
much Dolf?

Now don't mince words Dolf, what are you really trying to say? That I'm
miserable, too self evident, transparent and pretentious?

You have just about said this of everybody else that you judge! Only
that I should be the judge of what or whether I am burdensome and of
self-importance which I am not. Which being would make myself a
narcissist, self-absorbed, self-obsessive and committed entirely to self

Qualities I have that you don't makes all the difference in being
empathetic and of empathy to feel, reason, understand and to freely love

DOLF: "On what grounds do you base such an otherwise unfounded an
incoherent opinion?

As you are not aware from my unique and exceptional reasonable responses
to your earlier distorted questions, that I am presently undertaking a
lawful, justified, moderate and constrained action of prosecution of
individual(s) for their contemptuous and inhumane act(s) of treason.

Yet you are improperly representing my actions as being motivated by an
immoderate and irrational sensualism as hatred and worse yet of
recompense as barbarism and the pursuit of tyrannical lust, when in fact
my motivation is an infraction of my sensibilities and that of the
national ethos made in response to those parties who are showing a
contempt for our war dead on the occasion of ANZAC Centenary (war)
Memorial on 19 July, 2016.

And such contemptuous conduct by those parties did not cease and in fact
increased by its blatant treasonous disregard for my present day
auxiliary anti-terrorist and ant-extremist volunteer actions.

And for which those very documents given to them as lawful and
justified, being the impetus of rational and reasonable requests made of
those parties, committing such wanton acts of treason were also used--my
intention is to deprive religious extremism of any further cause for
viable action and not simply by a monstrosity to out do them.

Thus it is not simply a historical context by which we can show pity as
pretext to mourning the war dead as a feigned regard, consoling
ourselves with meaningless mantras: 'Lest We Forget'.

The dead don't speak after all and our consciousness is not ever
disturbed by anything other than to just let them lay where they died.

But before you proffer any further opinion on such matters as I have now
conveyed to you for public consideration.

As you are entitled do so--tell us all first, what you have done for the
nation, as to the prosecution of war which had begun since 11 September
2001, to have shown by your life so lived as any act of commission or by
any act of omission as respect shown to our soldier's unwavering duty in
the undertaking of such war and whether you have made any earnest
attempts to bring about a conclusion to such war so as to make peace a

If you have done none of those things, then I would question your
authentic and legitimate grounds to proffer opinions on what I otherwise
feel entitled to do as a recourse in the lawful pursuit of justice for
the treasonable contempt shown towards our sovereign autonomy and those
sacrificed their lives in its defense--SO THAT WE MAY ENJOY IT'S

I wouldn't seek to censor anyone's ability to proffer opinions, but you
ought not to be presumptuous in expressing it--that contrition of mind
ought then to motivate your conscious intent to cause you to self-censor
and refrain from impunity.

I believe that I am being entirely moderate, prudent and judicious in my
consideration and actions in only having sought a recourse which is
measured and within the boundaries that are permissible by law.

But you take the hint, that I wish death upon somebody, such is my
outrage for the contempt shown towards our national ethos and
sensibilities as a sovereign autonomous people.

That penalty which I have and sought will no doubt cause a moral outrage
not only because of it transgresses the boundaries of permissibility and
cultural values as sensibilities.

That outrage shown will no doubt be global because of the manner of the
penalty's undertaking (ie. being sensible and entirely commensurate with
the nature and character of the crime), in that it will:

a) not be pretty and courteous;
b) be brutal and it will be a ritualized destruction of mind, body and
soul as elimination
c) be conducted in accordance with the offender's own national values.

In that the death penalty sought which is entirely permissible within
the USA and ritual effect will be undertaken in compliance to Jewish
Torah (ie. King David's slaying of 200 Philistines and giving their
foreskins to King Saul).

I am intentioned to convey the consideration that one can accomplish
(though a social outrage) a substantially greater consequence effect
upon war, than $billion spent upon weapons have brought--that is my hope

The manner of execution will comprise of four parts:

which coincided with the providential time of my taking photograph of
the "FORGOTTEN GARBAGE OF BUTCHER AND FOAM" which I believe will convey
the empathetic Categories of Understanding within HEBREW AND GREEK. So
that I can provide a substantiation of our national ethos mapped to the
Nature Law and Common Law declaration of Sovereignty as the egalitarian
right and the authority to carry out the execution of such a person who
has egregiously shown such contempt for those values.

That he may with his own mind, understand the gravitas of his actions.

b) The reading to him of the Dead Sea Scroll fragment which gives advice
to an unknown person--to encourage them within their rightful and
prudent counsel which they considered was justifiably undertaken and
righteously given.

As the proclamation made by them, that no-one can deny what virtue is

c) I propose to castrate him (to take a snip more than permissible by
his circumcision) and then I am going to shove it down his throat--as an
action of debasement which entirely commensurate with the nature of the
criminal action committed as being a perversity, depravity and debauchery.

d) Then quickly followed this by a bullet through the head as the means
of execution.

Is it not so written: "Fear them not therefo for there is nothing
covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.

What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in
the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.

And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the
soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in

Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? And one of them shall not fall
on the ground without your Father. But the very hairs of your head are
all numbered.

Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.
Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also
before my Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before
men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven." [Matthew
10:26-33 (KJV)]

Given my cautionary advice above, you are free to voice your objections
by all means, that is if don't feel constrained by self-censorship.

But don't think, that I will be distracted by means of endless and
futile dialog. Certainly, I will prudently consider the reasonable
advice of others whilst I undertake the process of writing my final
lawful request to be made of those parties who have so infracted my

That is in order to resolutely bring a conclusion and remedy for such
continuing criminal conduct of theirs, which some seem to dismissively
think (by their misdirected questions) is of no consequence and little
importance, as a slight infraction of sensibilities.

Thereby improperly inferring that I am over-reacting.

- dolf


Facebook Post: "Your Next Response Will Determine The Final Solution"

- 515364934

Initial Post: 24 July, 2016