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Default -- Sissified Male As Liberty of Being Purveying the Character ofHedonism

-- Sissified Male As Liberty of Being Purveying the Character of Hedonism

(c) 2016 Dolf Leendert Boek, Revision: 23 July, 2016

Catie CS: "Hi Sir? 28 male sissy here.

Saw your post in Craiglist.

What age you up to?

Sorry meant to say, what age are you up to sir?

I'm keen to meet tonight."

DOLF: "I don't intention any disrespect towards exploring the manner of
sissified modal behaviour as a transitional state which is expressed
within it's determination and decisive form by an investiture of being
as inter-sexed.

Bi-sexuality in comparison, is an indeterminate state of being as one
oscillates indecisively between the polarity of heterosexuality and

In the same way, that I avoid any racist intention as a rationalism
placed upon its xenophobic context, when I respectfully decline the
sexual advances made by Asian males (I'm flattered that I am asked). I
clearly affirm, that the object of my desire as the idolisation of the
masculine form, and the purpose for my aggrandising indulgence as the
affirmation of my self-ego through the endless pursuit of any sexual
opportunism (I hunt, therefore I AM)--Has it's fulfillment within a
sexual attraction which is primarily focused towards caucasian males.

By contrast, my need to consult for a learned and informed medical
opinion from either a General Practitioner or my special Practitioner,
is obtained from predominantly Asian males because it is most highly valued.

In the same way, I respond to requests made of me by some str8/bi males
who desire to engage within their fetish sexual modal behaviour. And
request, that I adopt a sissified modal context for them as
pre-requisite to their fulfillment and accomplishment of any otherwise
male-to-male sexual act.

I decline this context as being unsatisfying and invalidation of my
being because my sexual attraction as instance of homosexual identity,
is towards the masculine exhibiting a strong, robust and masculine
sexual opportunism.

Such are the determined character and values as life context in regards
to this, that I have publicly protested on ANZAC day at the infraction
of my sensibilities due to the undignified sissified conduct in which a
soldier Private Jake Kovco carelessly and reckless engaged as mindless
conduct described as "gyrating in his panties" whilst zoned out to music
and which resulted in a bullet discharged into his head as a self
inflicted death.

That this sissified male modal behaviour is not at all like the
indeterminate state of bisexual identity but because the metempirical
and metaphysical worldview as a psychological mindset and social impress
is derived from mechanistic contrivance known as a PYTHAGOREAN
(BABYLONIAN) HETEROS Mystical conception of NUMBER and MARRIAGE as a
binary apparatus of (spermatic and gender) transformative prototype
which has a weak notion of the ego as self identity as any formula of

Such a modal context of being as sissified behavior is more properly
expressed as an indulgence made by the "ego against the self identity
and it's intrinsic formula of autonomy", which in my view introduces a
dichotomy entity and an incommensurate state of being which can't be
readily rationalised and neutralised, and therefore often leads then to
tumultuous and outrageous dramatic daemonic behaviours. Which is
evidenced by the sexual conduct of perpetuators to both the Orlando,
Florida Massacre of over 50 people and the Dallas, Texas slaying of 5
policemen within the USA.

Just prior to that last shooting, I had the following dialog made in
relation to my support (ie. Intrinsically to my mathematical Grapple
Homoiotic paradigm as a theoretical conception of Kant's noumenon) given
to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair as justification for the
Iraqi War. By the provision of an alternative HOMOIOS Theory of Number
which does have a sense of the dispersal masculine/feminine polarity of
being as an individual dynamic which in varying degrees has recourse to
a biological construct as either male or female. So a male exists with
feminine attributes in the same way that a female can possess male

Furthermore, it has a proper intellectual conception of itself as
rationality of being and an authenticity as integrity within its
indulgence of ego as the expression of a self identity and it awareness
as expressing a formula of autonomy.

As conclusion to this intellectualised activity made in support of a
rational natural and common law argument as egalitarian universal right
for the justification of the Iraqi War, I drew inspiration from my inner
being--for the conveyance of a second poem as the acknowledgement of the
success of my undertaking. Which was acknowledged as the successful
receipt of my support which agreeable, because it was invoked by the
journalists sharing it's TRUST vMEME in their earnest questioning of him.

This then, is the dialog which occurred shortly thereafter and before
the Dallas Texas massacre of 5 policeman by an American Black Male who
was (ie. unbeknownst to me at the time of making such statements)
discharged from the US Army for the crime of stealing women's panties so
as to indulge his sexual fetish.

The dialog went like this...

COLONEL (ATHEIST/BUDDHIST) BURKE: "God sends his Guardian Angels:

Do them 'angels' look like Roman soldiers with wings, little feller?


dolf: "Trust me,
They are quick little nymphs.
In the woods they play.

You wouldn't believe it,
If I told you what mischief,
The merriment and their way.

They will beguile you,
Take you down the path.
And some they slay."

COLONEL (ATHEIST/BUDDHIST) BURKE: "Thats a nice poem, Dolf.

I'm glad yer finally letting yer feminine side thru."

dolf: "Don't gyrate in your panties now.
A bullet head nail it may be.
Just dreaming it all away."

It was a prognostication and therefore the exercise of a rational and
reasoned mind as an autonomy of will through its projection of focused
thought in the determined discharge of a forceful authority as being
interventional and pre-eminent in character.

You can read about it in my email to the United States of America
Consulate Office in Sydney and to the technical assistant to the
Librarian for the Victoria Police.


I feel confident then, that my homosexual orientation is not an
aberration of life, but a validated and authenticated manifest of the
diversity which is human sexual identity. And is therefore a natural,
ordered and non modal instantatation within it's situational context as
a life manifested, but considered, rational and goal (TELOS) driven in
being deterministic within it's permissibility as having a deliberative
purposed and moral basis to it's course of life.

As a *** man, who regularly in the absence of any real premise, other
than the exercise of a sporting prowess, get's a thrill and enjoyment
from propositions made to bi/str8 guys for their consideration of sexual

I don't as a rule, when undertaking such a breach of boundary to
permissibility as an artful process, show any routine and habitual
disrespect towards the being of another person. Especially when there
is expressed such an unambiguous clarity, definitiveness and self
apparentness regarding a bloke's str8 orientation as their inherent
sexual identity.

And I have used as an example, the circumstance of browsing on a mixed
gender and sexuality based adult social network www-site. Upon viewing
several profile images of an erect cock

(ie. that it was immediately apparent such as it was, in that it a
possessed an undeniable potency, robustness as suitability of purpose
and potentiality as testimony to its eminence and capability as any
presence of being),

that were publicly and proudly paraded by a userid: "9inches-ready4u"
(modified to retain its character, but protect his identity). As the
substance of his manhood endowment which was by nature, rightfully and
with self-possessed entitlement, wonderfully and articulately was
expressed by a 28yo str8 guy from California, USA.

I said, in response to such a visual effect and pronounced stimulati:

"What a magnificent cock you have man, and the best of them such as
yours, are always so bloody far away. I hope you don't mind a *** guy
showing his appreciation of the proud manner in which you portray your
cock in your profiles pics?"

And he then equipped, "Hey, Thanks for the compliment brother. What time
is it in Aus[tralia]?"

Unashamedly, I made a further mundane comment of my present lingering
activity in association to the time of day.

To which, in departure, he replied, "Well you have a great day, and thx
for the compliment..."

And so I concluded by my example that neither should anyone attempt to
publicly engage within the debasement of another entire over the nature
of their self identity as autonomy of being.

So thus, I arrive at my answer to your sissified solicitation made
earlier tonight as a sexual opportunism, by which you have somehow
mischievously deduced from the unambiguous clarity of my CraigsList

I unashamedly have recourse to a quantum of practiced experience (some
would call that being a whore).

But I would say, that it is by no means entirely promiscuous and
indiscriminate within it's action, but rather purposed and intentioned
within its acquisition of experience. Such that, it is the practised
and salient means by which I am capable of making pithy observations of
the human experience. In the same way that swear words have what I call
a 'grapple factor' as possessing an 'a priori' of consciousness which is
exhibited within discourse in being both seminal and engendering. No
doubt the cause for our often recourse to them as the basis of
psycho-sexual pejoratives and this phenomenon has also given rise to
numerous postulations as abstract theories over the origins of language.

The example of which I have recourse to, by such an experience as sexual

Is when I provided, a 24yo str8 and married guy, with his first
male-to-male sexual experience. As I conveyed to him, the activity as
my appraisal, even with the inhibitor of protection, would be over
almost as soon as it had begun.

Whereupon, he triumphantly declared, "That was tighter, than his wife."

Nevertheless, I wear it as a badge of honour and a sense of pride and
triumphant proclamation. That by, my physicality as presence of being
(as strange as it may be to some), that I can still place a man into a
heightened sexually aroused and excitable state of being where he cannot
avoid climax: Within less than five minutes duration.


That at my age, when sexual dysfunction is manifestly a consequence as a
performance inhibitor upon the sexual act. Which then has a consequence
as a consideration of a moderated disposition which is directed towards
it's fulfilment of desire as a sense of accomplishment made in relation
to more subordinate or passive role participation with the sexual act.
And this a contextual factor which is relative to any favourable
determined outcome, and must needs be resolved within any negotiation as
to an agreeable role dynamic in what I call the mechanics of sexual

In all honesty, I would enjoy the prospect of propositioning some of our
str8 caucasian male Australian soldiers and getting a feel for their
manhood as natural endowment and sexual prowess, by setting them on the
course of flux within an indecisive state of being as intrinsic to an
indeterminate bisexual identity.

I could even morally justify it by a recourse to religious diatribe as
psycho-sexualism and call it:

- confession
- repentance
- indulgences
- consubstantial with loyalty and faithfulness

And I'm certain that they would, by such a purposed, soul-felt and
deliberate engagement within a sexual act with me as being cathartic in
nature, would introduce no ambiguity to their sexual orientation as
being no loss of dignity, nor a manifest of an inner turmoil. In that,
the sexual act between us, would be entirely re-affirming and a
validation of their humanity--An honorable manifest and celebration of
their masculinity and manhood expressed within the sexual opportunism.

Without wanting to boast too much, and especially at my age--I reckon,
that I would score with a couple of them--I'd like to blow a few
Australian Soldiers.

So then, my question of you, is in relation to your predilection as
liberty of being to express a sexual reality as a sissified identity in
which you indulge.

How is this conduct distinguished from hedonism and given its own
authentic, integral and substantial identity that it may decla I
exist, therefore I AM.

Is it not rather an animalistic conduct which is reliant upon a frenzied
action which is irrational and incapable of being reasoned as becomes a
human being and therefore undignified in not being able to distinctly
declare it's own validity.

It has as much a meaningful, and a feigned ennobler as a context to
life, it's purpose and priorities as does the junk mail, which I
received today from a Dawn Flag ) who asked,

I QUIPPED IN REPLY, "Three words, isn't enough to call it talking..."

Such a realization would be too confronting for you--your requirement to
preserve your ego at all costs would override even logic itself.

The fragile, pathetic, frightened and circumstantial condition which is
your existence is clearly conveyed by the deprivation of language, which
isn't really sufficient as a quality or quantity to even authenticate
your humanity.

A cockatoo would have a larger vocabulary!

Your manner of speech is a testimony to the ineffectual, circumstantial
manner of your life, which is driven by a contrary desire as feigned
reason (ie. the real and substantiating human dynamic) being the cause
for preference as fickle and inconsequential values. Other than to
utter some idiosyncratic preferences as wants, you are incapable of
engaging within a rational process of negotiation in order to resolve
the dynamics of any sexual opportunism, overcome any impediments to the
whimsical determination, that it might possibly occur--raising the
significant question as to whether you are even capable of showing any
accountability for harm reduction within your inter-personal interaction
as your sexual conduct. As being, something more than happenstance and
thereby it's only claim to virtue.

Thus I ask, how is your sissified sexual modal conduct any diffrent as
otherwise being consistent with an animalistic natured indulgence?

Perhaps I have over intellectualised your presence of being as sexual
modal conduct, which is incapable of validating in any way the human
experience, in reality being inseparable from the character of hedonism
as the principle of your life in which you have selfishly engaged whilst
our soldiers for over a decade have either fought, got wounded and some
have died.

Whilst my life and sexual proclivities, have always possessed a greater
potentially. In one way or another, being expressed in terms of a
weapon of mass destruction and has a practical consequence upon our
soldiers lives. It's not a f@ck you and f@ck me mentality: although it
does as a notion, have a certain sense of appeal to me.

Mine has proffered, an Intellectual Property as a paradigm that is the
product of a reasoned and rational mind as being my offspring.

A tangibility and expression of being, by which any man or woman can
anchor, reorientate and reinvigorate their troubled minds, which has had
it's normalcy disrupted by an immutable compliance to duty in having
been distressed by post traumatic stress disorder.

Thus my sexual infatuation of their str8 caucasian (not exclusively)
masculinity and an unbridled and unrestrained fetish desi

(I confess it freely and publicly as my wanton lust)

to blow a few Australian soldiers as my sexual opportunism and the
furtherance of my sporting prowess.

Yet even as I, am "dirty and nasty in my unambiguous wants for them", it
always remains mindful and focussed upon their welfare, dignity and a
respect for duty:

And would be a celebration of it--if I could indulge to such a degree.

By contrast, how does your sissified sexual modal conduct which, you
have not yet distinguished by it's clear definition from frenzied
animalism as being valid and distinct from hedonism, is then capable of
dignifying such men of virtue.

To put it crudely, if I should ever have the pleasure of realising my
infatuation of these specimens of str8 caucasian masculine stereotypes
as the fulfilment of my sexual fetish as unrestrained desire--it would
not ever be reduced to being considered as just a placebo or an excuse
for their wives.

But you would be--and what rational and reasoned argument could you
possibly make, that such affectations are substantial and hence otherwise.

And I leave you with this close to final thought to better illustrate
the point. That the thing which most disturbed my moral sensibilities
as a purposed life which is mindful of its social accountabilities with
respects to the director Paolo Pasolini's film Salo: 120 Days of Sodom.

Was not the parody, that they disgustedly 'eat shit' as the eucharist
(ie. wedding breakfast) meal within their wedding garments.

That the consideration of any absence of morality is not a question of
any one particular sexual act in relation to another. There is little
to be obtained from such a consideration, other than a determination of
a circumstantial merit, in the futile argument of there being any exists
a greater virtue (ie. the degree of perversity and depravity) which is
bestowed by one sexualised act over that of being engaged within by

But the greater consideration as a moral culpability, is that all the
acts of impropriety as an unbridled expression of hedonism as conveyed
by the film, actually occurred against the thundering of war as the
background noise--it's constancy and mundaneness rendered it virtually
imperceptible to our sensibilities and therein was a cause for a sense
of a distorted, disproportionate and contrived morality.

And this aspect of banality, in which they engaged as the basis of their
social context (as we have since 2001 when the war against Islamic
extremism was commenced) and their course of life, through which
characteristic they insensibly indulged their sexual infatuation

(eg: they explored the profound question as to whether an adolescent
female's arse was in any different to a male's arse--when it is all said
and done as your intention is to to f@ck them both over)

As their individual fetish proclivities, even though undertaken in an
unconscionable, limitless and boundless manner--didn't distress me as
the real instance of debauchery and perversity as an inhumane conduct.

But more importantly, it was the circumstantial reality, that the
audience was as the voyeur, who merely by a passive participation were
the one's guilty of it. As they possessed no conscience reality as to
the understanding of any abysmal depth to their own perverse and
depraved state as being. Which had been bestowed upon them by the
simple act of their giving acquiescence to the relinquishing of their
"Autonomy of Will" through the mere passage of time as the equaliser of
us all, to being so captivated by only viewing the movie.

How are you in your manner of living, as your liberty to express your
sexual predilection as a determine course of life, any different in your
social conduct--tell me about the dignity and virtue which you possess?

I can at least say, 'Well men, when you translate that difficult Latin
phrase 'SEPER FI' into the English vernacular: "always faithful" or
"always loyal"--there must needs be a duty to punctuate the expression
with a '**** me'.

By this, as an immodest insertion to such a phrase as ode to exempulary
conduct. It would not be rightfully considered an impunity, as
diminishment and a belittling made against any sense of their
faithfulness and loyalty where-ever they want to put it--if I can be so

Well may you say, "I'm keen to meet tonight."

However, it would be entirely delusional of you to conclude, that merely
by such a desire as succinctly expressed by you through an economy of
just "nine words" as the immaterial sexual want of yours. That it was
then, manifestly the substantial cause as impetus for my having lost all
semblance of rationality, as any connectivity with the temporal as
sensibility and coherence of reality--manifestly an insanity. Much less
as possessive of any decorum as a stable characteristic, in then
fancifully engaging within a public rant of now some eight pages.

You after all, are young and whimsical in being entirely driven as
governed by a daemonic circumstantial desire as inclusive of your sexual
appetite--it can no more make a justifiable claim of a substantial
rationality, coherence and integrity of being because you are entirely
unable to keep your intention, the utterance of your words and any
consequential action within concord as the ethereal quality and the
affirmation of the legitimacy of existence, which separates the mind of
a man from the impertinence, impudence and the inconsequential amorality
of the boy as possessing a deficiency and having a questionable and an
illegitimacy as only a pretentious claim to humanity--Such that, sex
with you would be beastial and against nature.

In truth, I have paid little attention as any affection being a
conscious and benevolent intent directed towards your proposition by
means of a sissified self identity as intrinsically an unremarkable
persona, which is incapable of possessing a transcendent and ethereal
presence of existence as being.

Rather, I saw a greater opportunity to indulge my mindless infatuation
as unrestrained sexual pursuit as sporting opportunism. By a deliberate
courting of their affections through a guerrilla warfare tacit as hunt
for quarry--softly softly, catchee monkey--in other words, 'Don't
flurry; patience gains the day.'!

As the uninhibited public beguiling, promiscuous seduction and
unrestrained sexual propositioning of our str8 caucasian masculine
Australian Service men. For no other purpose as the indulgence of my
licentiousness manner as the course and character of my life, which is
entirely pre-occupied by an abysmal and insatiable desire to fulfil my
existentialist lust as my values based fetish want.

What sin is mine and what sin is yours?

- dolf

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