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On 7/11/2016 9:46 AM, dolf wrote:
> Colonel Edmund J. Burke > wrote:
>> On 7/11/2016 6:40 AM, Checkmate, DoW #1 wrote:
>>> In article >,
>>> says...
>>>> Bull +1
>>>> Matador 0
>>>> That young punk was dead before he hit the ****ing ground.
>>>> Hmph! Serves him right.
>>>> Bullfighting is outlawed in "civilized" ****ries for a reason: it's
>>>> inhumane.
>>> Did he get a steer up his rear? I didn't hear about it, but I always
>>> root for the bull. ****in' beaners!

>> I believe this took place in Spain, that country of idolators and
>> ignorant fascists.
>> I also rooted for the bull.

> It is exhibits the character of a perversely wicked and depraved people to
> applaud the gouging bull death of a person--they even run the gauntlet of
> Divine grace and providence by parading Jesus on a stick (ie. the Cross)
> upon which they being anal sadists (#666) nailed him as passionate lovers
> to pretence of redemption. [Romans 1:1-32]
> Doubtlessly vestiges of Mithras idolatrous grandiose colosseum
> spectacle--unsurpassed as an arch de triumph!
> Their historical misconduct towards the Jews as expulsion and fascism is
> all part of their cult of debauchery.
> But then who am I, to argue social ethos and etiquette when I enjoy my
> steak medium rare and only raw when prepared by a Japanese sashimi chef.
> - dolf

Does this Jap chef "tenderize" yer meat, Dolf?