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Colonel Edmund J. Burke > wrote:
> On 7/11/2016 6:40 AM, Checkmate, DoW #1 wrote:
>> In article >,
>> says...
>>> Bull +1
>>> Matador 0
>>> That young punk was dead before he hit the ****ing ground.
>>> Hmph! Serves him right.
>>> Bullfighting is outlawed in "civilized" ****ries for a reason: it's
>>> inhumane.

>> Did he get a steer up his rear? I didn't hear about it, but I always
>> root for the bull. ****in' beaners!

> I believe this took place in Spain, that country of idolators and
> ignorant fascists.
> I also rooted for the bull.

It is exhibits the character of a perversely wicked and depraved people to
applaud the gouging bull death of a person--they even run the gauntlet of
Divine grace and providence by parading Jesus on a stick (ie. the Cross)
upon which they being anal sadists (#666) nailed him as passionate lovers
to pretence of redemption. [Romans 1:1-32]

Doubtlessly vestiges of Mithras idolatrous grandiose colosseum
spectacle--unsurpassed as an arch de triumph!

Their historical misconduct towards the Jews as expulsion and fascism is
all part of their cult of debauchery.

But then who am I, to argue social ethos and etiquette when I enjoy my
steak medium rare and only raw when prepared by a Japanese sashimi chef.

- dolf