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Default Costco finds

On 2/28/2016 7:16 PM, Paul M. Cook wrote:
> "Nancy Young" > wrote

>> I'm not what you'd call a fan of pancakes. I can take them or leave
>> them, mostly leave. Never mind buy a mix. But these Kodiak Cakes
>> grabbed my attention, whole wheat power cakes. That doesn't sound
>> at all appealing as I type this. But DAYum are they good. I mean,
>> don't run out and get a box on my say so, but they have such a nice
>> flavor and texture, also they call them flapjacks, I love having
>> those once in a while.

> I'm a fan of the 5000 count Bumble Bee Omega 3 capsules and the 35 gallon
> jugs of shampoo in twin packs.

I am a terrible shopper, I missed that whole aisle, dang.