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Default Mia - the official RFC ferret

Gary wrote in

Thanks to Janet UK for that comment. It made me smile.

The vet told me that she's old and just wearing out. Nothing to fix
with her. She is overweight and vet said, no need to starve her at
this point, just try to feed a bit less and try to make her exercise a
bit more. As her time is limited, no need to make her miserable with
dieting, etc.

She also told me to bring her back for quick death if I see her
suffering. geez ;-o

Anyway...she's still fine. I just wanted to thank ALL of you here
that wrote with support. It's a hard time here for me (and more for
her). It's a day to day thing...somedays good and somedays not so

This could end at any time or it could go for months. I'll choose
At least she still has her appetite. The best warning sign of an
animal dying soon is loss of appetite.

I took some pics of her this morning. Even though they look very
similar to other pics that I've sent, I can see in these pictures that
she doesn't look all that well.

Thanks to all for your support. Nice to see how we that always turn
mean can come together for support too. Pictures taken this morning. See
what I mean that she just doesn't look so well?

Yes, she's not looking very perky. Sorry Gary to hear that. Seems to
be normal aging though I'm no ferret specialist.

I adopt elderly aminals by choice and give them a final indian summer
so often 6mo-2years is all they have left. I make them good ones best
as i know how. I add this to explain that sometimes, if no pain
involved, best to let them pass quietly in their sleep if a vet has
checked and there is no pain or it is controlled with meds.