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On Tue, 18 Aug 2015 05:53:06 -0400, Ed Pawlowski wrote:

On Mon, 17 Aug 2015 20:46:51 -0700, hotair

A few years ago a small group of us got together to celebrate the grand
opening of Daves BBQ in Wenatchee, WAshington.
I was there with my wife Heather and we had a great time meeting people,
Heather passed away on July 17th ending her 10 year battle with breast
cancer, just in case any of you wanted to know.

Sorry to hear that. My condolences in a tough time for you.

I was not there, but I do remember the event. It was posted here at
the time, but most of the old timers have gone away.

Hey folks....

Sorry for the late reply...I've been gone from the newsgroup for quite
a bit it seems....playing with other things...I hadn't actually
realized how long it had been until just today when I want looking for
some information on the list and came back to find much sad news that
I had missed.

First off, hotair, sorry to hear about belated

Also reading through the messages I am very saddened to hear that two
other of the old timers have passed away, Nick Cramer and one of the
best folks I'd met throguh this group, Big Jim Whitten.

For those who missed the get together at Dave's Grand Opening in
Wenatchee or the shindig that Big Jim put on when I was down Florida
way here is a link to my pics of the events:

I don't know exactly when I fell away from checking the
newsgroup....seems like just a few months but it's been a few
years....time does fly when you are distracted. seems like theres a
far smaller info to spam ratio here nowadays....I think that's what
first started pushing me away to other forums and things...

Anyway, hope all the other old timers who I communed with on this list
are still around here somewhere....I totally appreciate all of the
great lessons I learned here about how to cook a great hunk of meat...


-Chef Juke
"EVERYBody Eats When they Come to MY House!"
Eugene, Oregon