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Default CREAMITIS, the alt.bregs Arthorse Investment Strategy

Bread Basket wrote:
So, apparently a new tag team has been made.

Introducing CREAMITIS, apparently led by Sarth Jegway and Darth Dumpster.

It's the first tag-team the vetern Dump will have taken part in,
screaming at the top of his hlungs like a banshee.

alt.barbecue has a problem with it, since it mentions cream in the
title. Therefore, joining the police academy, Tasted Breakfast has
announced he will be forming his own tag-team called "Arthorse
Investment Strategy"

AIS is currently seeking a second member.

Will it be Giganews Plus?

Will it be Copulins, the pheromones arthorse?

Will it be...Gene Simmons?

The world may fine the firefackle.

Charry Bin

Have you been channeling Buzz at the Apiary?