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Default CREAMITIS, the alt.bregs Arthorse Investment Strategy

So, apparently a new tag team has been made.

Introducing CREAMITIS, apparently led by Sarth Jegway and Darth Dumpster.

It's the first tag-team the vetern Dump will have taken part in,
screaming at the top of his hlungs like a banshee.

alt.barbecue has a problem with it, since it mentions cream in the
title. Therefore, joining the police academy, Tasted Breakfast has
announced he will be forming his own tag-team called "Arthorse
Investment Strategy"

AIS is currently seeking a second member.

Will it be Giganews Plus?

Will it be Copulins, the pheromones arthorse?

Will it be...Gene Simmons?

The world may fine the firefackle.

Charry Bin