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Default I have, on at least three prior occasions......................

On Friday, November 13, 2015 at 9:11:54 PM UTC-5, el pie de Onate wrote:
I have, on at least three prior occasions, written posts that delve into
the "alleged" lurid past of one of our former presidents, George Herbert
Walker Bush (GHWB), the current but ailing patriarch of the Bush Family
Dynasty - I refer to them as the Bush Family Crime Syndicate, certainly
not in terms of endearment - but rather more like the Mafia Godfather
who prepares his sons to take over the family business upon his death.
This particular post references an article by Stew Webb, a contributor
of Veterans Today.

In his life-time, George H. W. Bush (GHWB) has controlled every
clandestine (hidden from view) and secret organization/operation within
the arsenal of the United States government as either 1) Director of the
CIA, 2) Vice President to Ronald Reagan (who was an unwitting puppet to
the Bush controlled cabal - GHWB secretly gave Reagan poisons that
hastened his fall into Alzheimer's Disease and evidence suggests he
helped plan Reagan' attempted assassination by John Hinckley, whose
family were close friends of the Bush family - a coincidence?) and 3)
ultimately as President of the United States before Bill Clinton took

Government is an entity that needs to set up a tax base; aka extortion racket. they control (now) gambling, alcohol, drugs(a very big money maker for judges, lawyers, health care workers, The Filth, Screws etc.) And that's just the start. And it comes out of our pockets.